National Pony Society Area 32

National Pony Society Native Show Results


Judge Mrs T Brooks – Lancashire


Class 1            Shetland 1/2 /3 Years Old

1. Glenlough Perception                        Glenlough Stud

2. Carajane Sentinel                              H. Coxan

3. Marcus of Hools                               S. Cumberland


Class 2            Welsh 1/2/3 Years Old

1. Llanarw Ifan                                     C. Brodie

2. Lylehill Golden Girl                           D. Gordon

3. Heniarth Shooglenifty                        Ballyloughan Ponies


Class 3.           Connemara 1/2/3 Years Old

1. Glendun Misty Dawn                        J. McKay

2. Holiday Expression                           D. Morrison


Class 4.           Part Bred 1/2/3 Years Old

1. Stanley Grange Regal Request          J & T. Harper

2. Ballyloughan Thumbelina                   V. Dumigan


Class 5.           Shetland Mare/Gelding

1. Beltoy Regal                                     M & P. Harris

2. Glenlough Penny                               Glenlough Stud

3. HRE Hobbitt                                    S. Cumberland


Class 6.           Welsh Mare/Gelding

1. Bengad Racemosa                            Ballyloughan Ponies

2. Millcroft Classic Edition                    K. Burns

3. Ravara Microchip                             D. Gordon


Class 7.           Connemara Mare/Gelding

1. Glenmore Kelly’s Owen                   F & D O’Reilly

2. Myshall Blossom                              D. Morrison

3. Derratha Pearl                                  I Adams


Class 8.           Open M&M Other Breeds

1. Springwater Topaz                           Z. Bell

2. Lunesdale Star Boy                          T. Bell


Class 9.           Part Bred Mare/Gelding

1. Missy’s Delight                                 J. Johnston

2. Millcroft Mayflair                              K. Burns

3. Stanley Grange Temptress                Ballyloughan Ponies


Class 10.         Shetland Foal

1. Beltoy Stelknight                               T. Bell

2. Glenlough Picasso                             Glenlough Stud


Class 12.         Connemara Foal

1. Holiday Good Morning                     D. Morrison

2. Glenmore Roseanne              F & D O’Reilly

3. Poppy                                              I. Adams


Class 13.         Part Bred Foal

1. Ballyloughan Pollyanna                      Ballyloughan Ponies

2. Ex Missy’s Delight                            J. Johnston


Class 14.         Shetland Stallion

1. Southernwood Tempest                    H. Coxan


Class 15.         Welsh Stallion Sec A & B

1. Knodishall Geraint                            J & T. Harper

2. Rhesfair Black Magic                        C. Brodie

3. Bengad Mandeake                           C. Brodie


Class 15a.       Welsh Stallion Sec C & D

1. Ellebryn Strider                                 G. Bailie


Class 17.         Part Bred Stallion

1. Chasecroft Dandini                           Ballyloughan Ponies


Class 18.         M & M Lead Rein

1. Belan Liberty                                    M. Dumigan

2. Ravara Microchip                             L. Gordon


Class 19.         Part Bred Lead Rein

1. Kenilwood Moon Fairy                    N Carr


Class 20.         M&M First Ridden

1. Barns Isabel                                     H. Thompson

2. Huttons Ambo Mayflower                S. McDonald


Class 21.         Part Bred First Ridden

1. Kenilwood April                               H. Thompson

2. Kenilwood Moon Fairy                    A Carr


Class 22.         M&M Ridden Small Breeds

1. Carrwood Xanthus.                          H. Dumigan

2. Huttons Ambo Mayflower                S. McDonald

3. Barns Isabel                                     S. Curry


Class 23.         Part Bred Ridden up to 148cms

1. Parkhill Playboy                                S. Curry


Class 24.         M&M Ridden Large Breeds

1. Lunesdale Star Boy                           Z. Bell

2. Pad:D                                               S. Curry

3. Westmeath Woody                           S. Martin





Shetland Champion: Southernwood Tempest, Reserve Champion: Glenlough Perception:


Connemara Champion: Glenmore Kelly’s Owen. Reserve Champion: Myshall Blossom.


Welsh Champion: Knodishall Geraint. Reserve Champion: Llanarw Ifan.


Part Bred In Hand Champion: Stanley Grange Regal Request. Reserve Champion: Missy’s Delight.


Part Bred Ridden Champion: Parkhill Playboy. Reserve Champion: Kenilwood April


Mini M&M Champion: Belan Liberty. Reserve Champion: Barns Isabel.


Supreme Foal: Holiday Good Morning. Reserve Champion: Beltoy Stelknight. 1st Reserve Champion: Glenmore Roseanne.


Supreme Ridden M&M Champion: Carwood Xanthus. Reserve Champion: Lunesdale Star Boy. 1st Reserve Champion: Pad. D.


Supreme Championships.

Supreme Champion: Southernwood Tempest. Reserve Supreme: Knodishall Geraint. 1st Reserve Supreme: Stanley Grange Regal Request.